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To keep your business running smoothly - use our tyre service for your special vehicle.

No such thing as no can do.

Wide range of services

Your commercial vehicles in the farm tractor, earth-moving machinery, and industrial vehicle sectors are subjected to particular stresses. This is precisely why they need to be well maintained to ensure that they function properly. Special tyres play an important role here. If the tyres are defective or do not provide the desired traction, this special vehicle is of less use to you. Thanks to our fast and flexible tyre service, defects are avoided or downtimes due to tyre defects are reduced as far as possible.

Economic solutions

For 50 years, our competent specialists have found the best economic solution for you quickly and without complications. Also for the difficult cases and rare types of vehicles. We are conveniently located at highway A1, exit for Sittensen. Due to our personnel and numerous fitting stations, we can perform your tyre service quickly and easily - in passing, so to speak.

We offer the following products and services for AS/EM/IND tyres:

  • New tyres
  • Used tyres
  • New rims
  • Used rims of many brands and types
  • Tyre fitting
  • Balancing
  • Tread recutting

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